Slippery Times

by jai cross, 12/19/12

Today has been cold and blustery with a wind chill during the day down to 9 degrees and a projected low of 1 degree tonight. We have about 7 inches of snow on the ground, but the stout winds keep sending it airborne, so the same snow repeatedly pummels anyone brave enough to venture outside. Those gusty winds were strong enough to over-turn a heavy wooden palette that was propped up against my wood pile and to send a metal ladder clattering across the roof.


As I sat warmly inside watching the outer mayhem, I realized that this weather is representative of the times we are currently passing through. As a people, we are being buffeted by strong forces – economic upheaval, climatic instability, social uncertainty, and personal challenges. Yet we know that lasting change is often preceded by a chaotic period when everything gets thoroughly shaken before a new arrangement emerges.

These are times to choose well, as when deliberately picking where to place your feet while crossing an icy surface. Fear is not needed to maintain a sense of balance, but grounding is key. Perhaps the most basic tenet of a spiritual person is that the Light is always present, even when we seem unable of seeing or feeling it. This simple truth can center us in a comforting inner knowing, even when it’s numbingly cold and the wind is ferocious.

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