Shielding Provides Energetic Protection

by jai cross


Are you easily manipulated by sales people? Does someone else’s anger or ill humor throw you off balance? Are you threatened by domineering people? Do you typically react to circumstances instead of consciously creating your own world? If so, you will probably benefit from learning how to shield yourself.

Psychic shielding is an energetic practice that allows people to easily and effectively reclaim their personal space and to minimize negative effects of their environment. In popular culture, shielding is often confused with armoring; yet these are very different ways of promoting personal safety.

Armoring implies shutting down and is a defensive posture that closes the heart to minimize vulnerability. The technique is aptly named since it typically feels like a tightening in the chest, as if metallic or leather plates had been inserted under the skin. It can provide rigid protection during intense or potentially violent situations, but this method usually entails hidden costs.

Armoring forms an impenetrable energetic barrier that keeps out helpful, as well as harmful, influences. It is often performed unconsciously, as an instinctive shrinking away from a real or imagined danger. The very unconsciousness of the act is its primary drawback because if someone is unaware of armoring, that armor is usually left in place long after the perceived threat has disappeared.

Perpetually armored people tend to lead stunted lives because they are unable to fully express themselves, have difficulty establishing and maintaining intimacy, and seldom directly experience the joy of being alive. In contrast, shielding is a consciously employed means of self-protection that can be invoked or increased whenever appropriate. It forms a selectively permeable boundary that allows beneficial healthy energies to flow through while holding pernicious forces at bay.

Your body is a temple, and shielding defines and safeguards that temple’s outer precincts. We hear warnings concerning inappropriate touching, yet few realize that inappropriate touching also includes energetic toxins and “bad vibes.” Shielding will not eliminate these influences from your environment, but it will grant you the space to make more conscious choices when confronted by them.

This practice draws on the power of the imagination, but it is not a make-believe construct. It utilizes will power to reinvigorate a natural barrier that is already present. All living beings emit energetic frequencies, and the shield is a visualization and strengthening of the aura's outer layer or energetic field.

Virtually everyone feels the presence of their energetic field, even if they don’t realize what it is. When someone physically moves into your “comfort zone,” it is your field that feels violated, just as when you “feel the heat” of someone’s anger. Shielding lays claim to your personal space so that these intrusions do not “get to you.” The practice has many variations, and the following is offered as a simple introductory technique.

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. Sit comfortably with arms and legs uncrossed and allow yourself to fully relax, letting go of all tensions as you breathe fully and slowly. Patiently become very still and focus your attention on the heart area. On each inhalation, feel your heart energy gathering and amplifying itself. With each deep exhalation, visualize compassionate green energy streaming out of your heart and swirling around your physical form.

This luminous greenness tends to form a sphere, a bubble, an egg, or an oval extending 18 to 36 inches outward from the body in all directions. Make sure that it completely envelopes your being, especially the back of the heart, which can be a highly vulnerable area. Feel into the energy’s perimeter and notice that it forms a natural cocoon, surrounding and protecting you. This edge is the outermost layer of your auric field and is the site for shielding.

The particulars of a shield should be chosen to complement the individual’s energy and personal preferences. Familiar images include a luminous egg, a fine covering of mesh, or a comfortable cloak overlaying the energetic field. Color is very important since it relates to specific energetic frequencies. Pick a tone that feels suitable, be it sparkling gold, royal purple, dazzling silver, pure white, or any other color. Breathe into the shield’s imagery to invest it with life and vibrancy. An energized shield automatically filters out heavy energies while permitting more refined energies to pass through.


Your shield is an extension of your being, not an artificial add-on. Just as regular exercise strengthens muscles, shields will benefit from attention throughout the day, which can be accomplished with quick periodic “tune-ups.” Always shield before engaging in situations expected to generate reactivity, when meeting people who project unwanted energies onto you, and whenever you feel the need for added protection.

Instead of closing down in the face of trying situations, use shielding to open up and to be more yourself. “Use the force, Luke...”

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