Recent Classes

My classes and presentations tend to combine pertinent information, energetic practices, and valuable life lessons. I attempt to guide all participants into having a personal experience of the topic under consideration. Most classes are structured to allow for group interaction, including partner exercises, question and answer segments, and open discussion. My desire is to create conducive conditions for attendees to feel their own emotions, incubate their own visions, and connect with their own indwelling divinity.


In addition to the events listed here, I have assisted many offerings through the Toltec Center of Creative Intent (Toci) in Austin, Texas. I led small groups, conducted group rituals, and counseled individuals on numerous power journeys to the famed pyramid complex in Teotihuacan, Mexico; many holy sites in the Andes of Peru, including Machu Picchu, Tipón, and Lake Titicaca; the bamboo forests and beaches of Maui, Hawaii; and in caves and sacred springs of Ireland. I also assisted long-term Toci apprenticeship programs through ten separate week-long residential intensive sessions.

June-August 2010 – I taught a weekly class at Lama Foundation that alternated between the interrelated topics of Clear Communication and Energetics. This combination attracted many people who might have not otherwise participated. Our communication class topics were listening skills, self-assertiveness, non-violent communication, and dealing with difficult people. Our energetic themes were energetic perception, recapitulation practice, shielding, working with the Light, shamanic journey, and shamanic tools.

September 2010 – I co-taught a men’s camping retreat with Raven Smith in mountains and sacred sites of New Mexico. I led the group in a full day of energetic exercises along the Wijiji Trail and in Pueblo Bonito, both located within the fabled Chaco Canyon complex. This area is invested with an enormous amount of spiritual power that has been allied with and accessible to humans for more than 1,000 years. We opened to the power of the land, built altars, communed with the local guardian spirits, took a vision walk, and received individual guidance that some participants still use in their daily lives as a source of ongoing inspiration.

January-December 2011 – I led monthly group visualizations and groundings for Amy Zielinski’s “Manifesting Well-Being” class. These were pre-recorded and designed to amplify Amy’s current teaching themes. Participants often recorded these presentations onto I-phones to practice the exercises daily.

June-August 2011 – I wrote the curriculum for and presented the “Essence of Sky” online program that taught how to effectively and compassionately harness masculine energy. Live hour-long monthly broadcasts were followed two weeks later by question and answer sessions. I also pre-recorded energetic practice instructions and demonstrations, and Raven Smith led brief groundings. Here is a brief course description:

Sky energy is that clear force that animates awareness, presence, and guidance. Such an orientation is a blessing, yet it can create stress and confusion if handled unskillfully. “The Essence of Sky” program offers a methodical approach and practical techniques for mastering difficulties associated with Sky energy. It provides varied opportunities for accelerated self-growth through focused teachings, open-ended discussions, and exercises designed to promote integration within your particular circumstances. We will approach the mental body with self-acceptance, the physical body with self-confidence, and the emotional body with self-love. Anyone who struggles in any of these areas is welcome to join us.

June-August 2011 – I taught a weekly class on chakras at the Lama Foundation. After an explanation of a particular chakra and its domain, we did exercises to clean, open, and energize that chakra center. A good amount of our time was devoted to working in partnerships followed by group sharing. I met with many participants after class to discuss and resolve personal issues and emotions that arose after such intense practice.

September 2011 – I took a more active role in the second men’s camping retreat in the San Pedro Mountains and Chaco Canyon. In the mornings, I often led group practice, especially tsa lung, a Tibetan Bön exercise that cleanses energetic centers of repressed emotions and crossed energies. During one day in the mountains, I led the men in several activities to connect them with nature and local nature spirits. At Chaco Canyon, I helped them to energetically open before the ancient kivas and led them on a pilgrimage to the Light that shines from without and within.

January-March 2012 – I developed the curriculum for and co-taught a Men’s Circle with Stephen Siegel at the Toltec Center of Creative Intent in Austin, TX. The class consisted of three full day Saturday classes and three Tuesday evening “amplification” sessions. I patterned the class around the Toltec Masteries of Intent, Transformation, and Love. Here is my outline for the first Saturday class:

"Our first Saturday deals with the Mastery of Awareness, recognizing and beginning to work with what’s there. In clearly seeing old influences and behaviors, the men realize that these are energetic creations and are changeable. We gain empowerment through self-examination, understanding, acceptance, and rewiring. We explore new ways to express maleness with honor and honesty.


grounding, names, confidentiality oath, setting the Circle

I. Programming

We delve into the murky past, looking at old programming and patterns, seeing what has and hasn’t worked in our lives as men. Much of this will initially be lecture format punctuated by questions and personal shares to present a solid foundation of perspective, information, and vocabulary. We will discuss agreements, stories, identifications, meming, and Dream of the Planet. Each man will chose one specific false belief to explore. He will discuss this with a partner, feel and express the energetic of their belief through his body, and understand how it has affected his life. A long breathing session encourages them to release that belief and to loosen the hold of related attached stories. Integration involves rewriting the old agreement, replacing it with something more life-affirming.

practices: stretching (S), breath work (J)

II. Book of Law

The men grasp the extent of their indoctrination and false beliefs. They employ Witness perspective to become aware of the lies, clearly seeing them without blame. They begin to document their Book of Law, realizing how they have been duped by the Judge and Victim personas. This bleakness is alleviated by working with a single false belief, dismantling it, and reclaiming its energy. They gain strength from discerning an inspiration and realizing that they have to power to dream anew.

practices: ISTAR and mapping beliefs (J), tsa lung (J)

III. Men’s Council

The principles and precepts of non-violent communication are used to promote clear and clean exchanges. Everyone speaks in council, distinguishing between observations, opinions, feelings, and needs. Ample time is provided for elucidating feelings and expressing underlying needs. Differences between cooperative and competitive interactions are clearly modeled, and they feel the energetics of domination vs. power sharing.

practices: speaking non-violently, power over exercise (J)

Homework: Continue writing down the Book of Law, recording the voices in their own words without filtering or editing. Choose a few beliefs to work with using tsa lung, recapitulation, and/or somatic experiencing. Document how the associated energy shifts and where new choices are possible."

May-December 2012 – I taught 18 classes at Lama Foundation to residents, summer stewards, visitors, and retreatants. The first classes focused on the Five Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz and how to implement these guiding principles into daily life. We later explored personal belief systems – their power over our lives, their origins, their current relevance, and how to consciously choose beliefs that support our well-being using my ISTAR process. As usual, these classes included a large amount of energetic practice and sharing.

June-December 2012 – In June, I appeared on Human Spirit Radio Network as a guest on Sarah McCroskey’s show. This is a fabulous organization, dedicated to disseminating the healing truth without garnering any financial rewards. In July, I presented the first installment of my six-part series “Cultivating the Inner Garden.” My topics progressively built on one another, yet each hour-long show could be listened to by itself. Each of these broadcasts was archived and can be accessed for free through the HSR section of this webpage or through the Human Spirit Radio Network archives. I was happy to see that these shows reached hundreds of interested listeners.

September 2012 – I co-taught the third men’s camping trip to the San Pedro Mountains and Chaco Canyon. Once again, my teaching duties increased and I spent more time speaking to the whole group instead of working one-on-one. I feel empowered by the beauty of nature, and in our mountainous setting, it was easy to channel the promptings of Spirit and to serve as “the hollow bone.” Similarly, my connection with the resident spirits of Chaco Canyon had grown stronger, and I was more receptive to their guidance. My ego seemed to be receding even though I made more public presentations. This group felt especially tribal -- we bonded well and deeply.

September-October 2012 – I teamed up with HeatherAsh Amara to present a series of nine live online broadcasts in the Be Free! program. She presented an hour-long lesson in Austin that was broadcast live for global participants. Then the groups split up -- she leading the Austin folks and me leading the online folks in practices to integrate the teachings. Here’s a promotion that HeatherAsh wrote for the program:

"Is your mind a helpful ally on your journey, or more like an obnoxious tyrant that taunts and constantly tells you where you are falling short? While your mind can be a helpful tool, most people struggle with various types of mind torture: comparison, judgment, victimization, projection, fear, and disaster thinking.

To live from your peace of mind, or mental integrity, means not trying to stop your thoughts, but to completely rewire they way you relate to your mind. The mind out of integrity runs you. The mind in integrity is a tool cradled by the warm hands of your awareness. Mental integrity comes when you know to your core, not just with your mind, but with all aspects of yourself, that you are not what you think you are. Your vastness cannot be contained by thinking. Bridging the space between your little mind and your spiritual essence is the first step towards being free."

October 2012 – I co-taught with HeatherAsh Amara, Will Taegel, and Judith Yost on a week-long power journey to the ancient Toltec capital city of Teotíhuacan, Mexico. This is a wonderful place for energetic work because the helper spirits are so strong and so willing to ally themselves with humans. I had been here before on many power journeys, often leading small groups and working with individuals and performing ceremonies for the group, but never as a fully fledged teacher. This particular trip consisted of both Toltec practitioners and students from Wisdom University. I felt completely in my element as I taught at the Temple of Quetzacoatl, the Avenue of the Dead, the Water Plaza, the Air Plaza, the gardens of Tlaminca, and the Pyramid of the Sun. Each trip to “Teo” is unique, and this one was extra-special for me, standing on one of the biggest “stages” in my life.

January 2013 – I was the guest speaker at our local Unity Church, and my topic was “Maintaining a Healthy Self-Relationship.” I guided about 40 people through a practice of using the body to discern truth from falsehood. By refining this and associated techniques, we can uncover our individual authenticity and live from our integrity rather than the expectations of others.

January-June 2013 – I hosted another six-part series on Human Spirit Radio Network. “Conscious Embodiment” focused on our four levels of incarnation: mental, emotional, physical, and energetic. Each show contained energetic practices to enable the listeners to experience the topics for themselves. See the HSR section of this website for more information and links to each of the archived broadcasts. These recordings received about 1,000 hits for each show.

February 2013 – HeatherAsh Amara and I teamed up again in an offering entitled “Action from Love: Living the Four Agreements.” She pre-recorded four hour-long teaching segments, and I presented four live hour-long practice and deepening sessions each week. A bonus for signing up for the class was a free hour of personalized coaching. I coached ten of the participants, and some of them became regular clients. Here’s part of the course description:

"This four-part series will give you the practical tools and inspiration to skillfully apply the power of the Toltec tools and The Four Agreements in every aspect of your life. Bring more ease, clarity, healing, and happiness to your work, home, and all your relationships."

With Action from Love, you will be guided to:


July - December 2013 - I hosted a monthly one-hour program on Human Spirit Radio entitled "Exploring the Chakras." See the HSR section of this website for more information and links to each of the archived broadcasts. These recordings received about 1,000 hits for each show.The initial promotion and syllabus for this free presentation is given below:


"Our physical anatomy is so obvious that we automatically respond to its cues – we eat when the stomach shrinks uncomfortably, we head for shelter when our body over-heats, we slow our activities when the breath becomes shallow and rapid. Our energetic anatomy also constantly sends us signals, yet these are often ignored or misunderstood. Therefore we may not relate our sudden fears of abandonment to a contraction in the root chakra or our seeming inability to empathize to clogged-up gunk in our heart chakra.


The seven chakras form an interconnected series of internal energy centers, each with its own specific area of influence. We will learn about each chakra’s characteristics and how to meaningfully interact with them. We will also perform a full array of practices to clean, balance, and energize these vital components of our energetic anatomy in order to enhance our well-being."


May - September 2013 - I taught 13 weekly summer classes entitled "How to Thrive in Community" at the Lama Foundation. These free gatherings were very experiential with time devoted to energetic practices and partner's work as well as discussion of relevant information. Topics included Stalking the Judge, Setting Intention, the Egg Cleanse, Shielding, Self-Curses, and Group Healing.


September - October 2013 - I taught a six-week webinar on Shamanic Energy Work and Healing through the Toltec Center of Creative Intent. Our circle contained about fifty members, and most people paid the discounted price of only $40 for the course. Each of our six classes consisted of an hour of instruction on the wisdom of shamanism and specific shamanic energetic practices followed by a half-hour of questions and comments. The promo for this class and course syllabus are given below:

"Would you like to let go of drama, story, and emotional reaction in your life? Shamans view the world in terms of energy flow. When we open to perceive energy directly, we transcend our limiting mental filters. Instead of being passive bystanders, we become active creators of our lives.

Change your life not by manipulating the outer world, but by managing your own energy from the inside-out. Gain proficiency in grounding, energetic perception, shielding, recapitulation, energizing, and self-healing techniques. Regular practice of these methods enables us to feel healed, whole, and balanced, even when confronted by difficult circumstances.


1. Grounded Presence

The Art of Being in Your Body and Direct Perception


2. Opening Perceptions Beyond the Physical
How to Sense Your Own Energy and Energy Outside of You

Clearing Your Energetic Field


3. Energetic Integrity
Keeping Your Field Free of Other's Energy
Releasing Energy from the Past



4. The Art of Shielding
Separating Your Energy from Other People's Energy
Holding Your Energetic Boundary in Stressful Situations

5. Raising the Energy Necessary to Master Your Attention
Consciously Raising Your Energy
How to Stay Focused on Your Path

6. Shamanic Journeywork to Gain Allies in Learning the Skills of the Shaman

Calling in Guides
Walking a Shamanic Path


November 7-11, 2013 - I co-taught a Dream Healing Retreat with Raven Smith and Amy Zielinski, which was staged at my house in northern New Mexico. A portion of the flyer states


“We have been really inspired about healing over the course of the past year.  As most of you know, we are facilitating a series of videos and conference calls on healing and will be starting an ongoing circle of healers this fall. 


We had some amazing experiences of healing as a group when we did our last retreat in March. Everyone's enthusiasm was high to commit to continuing our healing work together. 


Once again, we feel really moved to go deeper with more people, so we are gathering together a circle of people dedicating to exploring the depths of who we are as healers and to creating together a field of healing ~ for ourselves, one another, our communities, and our beautiful planet.”


November-December 2013 – I put together six classes on Healthy Self-Relationship for two Lama Foundation residents who wanted to explore and improve their relationship to their Judge. This small offering was a test run to see if I could successfully teach material that I had developed as a stepwise progression for rewiring internal negative self-judgments. It was a successful outing, and I look forward to repackaging the content for a larger audience in 2014.


January 2014 - I hosted a three-week online Men’s Initiation Circle's intensive. Here's the promo:


This is an interesting time to be incarnated male as so many of the old ways of expressing maleness are changing in our society. As boys, we tended to mimic the behaviors of the adult men in our lives, even if that modeling stifled the development of our true beings. By the time we reached manhood, our self-images were collages that included the contradictory expectations of our families, various authority figures, schools, and peer groups.As mature adults, we recognize that many of those old models, beliefs, and expectations don’t accurately represent who we are and who we want to become. This realization naturally leads to deep self-examination and making new choices. And this is a time when focused guidance and a supportive group of men can be extremely helpful in finding your true path.We invite you to join the Men’s Initiation Circle with Jai Cross, a series of classes designed to illuminate where you are and who you are right now, to accept the past and to reclaim stuck energy from it, and to move forward in life-affirming ways. During the program, we will explore self-empowering teachings, perform relevant energetic practices, and discuss our own individual circumstances and experiences. This is the way of the ancestors, a way for men to grow in the company of their fellows as they connect with their indwelling essence and bring forth their uniqueness.The Men’s Initiation Circle with Jai Cross is a global offering, available to men anywhere.


January - June 2014 - I hosted The Seven Sacred Directions for Human Spirit Radio. These teachings are available for free on this website. Here's the syllabus:


The seven sacred directions provide a means for Spirit to impregnate the material world, and we can use each of them as gateways to the unseen realms. The four cardinal directions are each associated with a particular element – East with Air, South with Fire, West with Water, and North with Earth. Since our bodies are composed of these same elements, we have the ability to physically and energetically merge with their unique attributes and powers. This series employs discussion, energetic practices, and ceremony to strengthen our connection to the cardinal directions, to the four elements, to Earth and Sky, and to the divine spark that dwells within each of us. We undertake this exploration with gratitude and respect for all that is, even the uncomfortable and sometimes confusing portions of our existence.


1. Honoring East and Air

East is the direction of the rising sun, the place of awakening, the promise of spring, the potential of the child. This is where we take our first steps into new beginnings, where we chart our course. Air defines our lives, from our first inhalation as a newborn to our final exhalation. Each breath of life supplies us with the raw materials of oxygen, energy, and Light. Air is associated with our mental body, and its higher expressions include mental clarity, inspiration, and insight. By allying with East and Air, we cleanse our minds and expand our beings.


2. Honoring South and Fire

South is the place of growth, of high noon, and of summertime. Here we bring potential into manifestation by being ourselves and expressing our authenticity, to sing our own heart song. Fire is an agent of change and purification that provide us with warmth, illumination, and activation. Fire is associated with our energetic body, and its gifts include the ability to choose and to release those things that no longer serve. By allying with South and Fire, we recharge our energy field and come fully present into the fullness of the Now.


3. Honoring West and Water

West governs maturation, the evening of the day and of our lives, the autumn, the time of harvest. Here we move from outward exuberance towards inner wisdom. Water represents flow, fluidity, and flexibility in the world and in our beings. It encourages us to accept and make the most of the blessings of Spirit, whatever they might be. Representing the emotional body, Water invites us to feel fully and to deepen our relationships. By allying with West and Water, we learn to move past inhibitions and to live from a place of true freedom.


4. Honoring North and Earth

North is the direction of stability and steadfastness, the night, the winter, elderhood and the approach of death which always leads to rebirth. These aspects invoke dreaming, a call to surrender self-preoccupation so that a more inclusive vision can emerge. Earth is the element that composes all physical manifestations, and its creative beauty encourages stillness and reverent contemplation. Earth is associated with the physical body, yet all physical expressions must one day be dissolved to make way for new forms of being. By allying with North and Earth, we experience the cycles of life and renewal.


5. Honoring Mother Earth

This is the realm of Planetary Earth, the compassionate Gaia whose love for her offspring is unconditional and boundless. We connect with Mother Earth whenever we open our hearts to what is instead of believing in mental constructions, which are simply reflections and commentaries on reality. We welcome her presence when we experience the majesty of an alpine meadow, the immensity of an ocean, the magic of a coyote’s song, or the wonder of our own beating heart. By allying with Mother Earth and our ancestors, we come home, feeling the rightness and relishing the fullness of our lives.


6. Honoring Father Sky and Source

Throughout the world, indigenous cultures venerate Sky as the place of helping spirits, guides, angels, and deities. When we open to Father Sky’s influence, we invite guidance and expansiveness into our lives. We can become active co-creators of our circumstances by setting conscious intents that harmoniously blend with life’s fundamental principles to manifest the greater good. The seventh direction is inward and lies at the core of all physical and non-physical reality. When recognized and acknowledged, this place of Source naturally fills us with love, Light, and laughter.


January-March 2014 - I hosted The Shaman’s Invisible World, a seven-week on-line exploration of shamanic topics and practices. Here's the promo and course outline:


Modern people often feel an angst, an agitation that they are incomplete, that something essential is missing from their lives, and they are right. Our sense of separation and loneliness can be a very convincing illusion that creates stunted lives full of suffering.


If you could trace your ancestry back into distant prehistoric times, you would eventually reach a time when your forebears lived in a tribal setting and practiced shamanism. This is a means of contacting and interacting with the world of spirit, the path of direct revealing. Far older than any religion or philosophy, shamanism was a part of our cultural heritage for so many generations that it is encoded into our very being.


Although we were not born into a shamanic tribal environment, we can still benefit from this tradition’s wisdom and techniques. We can still prosper from the realization that all things, whether material or immaterial, have a spirit and that all spirits are linked together by a web of life. The fundamentals of shamanism are a series of practical techniques for opening ourselves to the richness and depth of the invisible world that surrounds us. Shamans are masters of shifting their state of consciousness, and this flexibility allows them to explore the deepest universal truths and their own particular niche within creation.


Shamanism is the antidote to alienation because it calls us back home, to a fabulous magical realm where Spirit is within and without, where we truly belong, where everything finally makes sense because all things are viewed as parts of an all-encompassing whole.


Join “The Shaman’s Invisible World” with Jai Cross on a six-week exploration of shamanic wisdom and energetic practices designed to enrich and deepen your life. This webinar runs for six consecutive Tuesdays from January 28 through March 4, and a free introductory class will be offered on Sunday January 19. All classes start at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, 9 pm Eastern, and all presentations will be recorded and available for later viewing.

The Shamanic Perspective - shamanism and principles, modern shamanism shamanic states of consciousness, direct revelation shielding

1. Beyond the Mind - the invisible world, creation story, creating magical space, making an altar

2. Shamanic Sight - putting personality aside, truth vs. lies, web of power visualization, honoring the directions and elements

3. Activating the Energy Body - electromagnetism, energetic prayer, seeing through the heart, shamanic journey to Upper World

4. Soul Perspective - using Light to heal pain and restore balance, soul remembering, dreaming the wrong dream, merging with the inner divine

5. Power and Purpose - focusing on the senses, sensory journey and tree merge, crystal work, power spots, shamanic remembering, dreaming

6. Living the Shamanic Life - family, ancestors, and descendants; healing prayer; your magic child; shamanic journey for power and purpose


July - December 2014 - I hosted Exploring Sacred Topics on Human Spirit Radio. All of these programs are available for free on this website. Here's the syllabus:


Exploring Sacred Topics with Jai Cross is a deep investigation into parameters that influence our lives every day. Each month, you will be encouraged to deepen your relationship with the monthly theme by assessing your current situation and making conscious choices concerning how you wish to relate in the future. We will focus on each specific topic by

* discussing its importance and relevance to daily life

* performing specific energetic practices to awaken appropriate perceptions and awareness

* activating our personal potential to become and express more of our true selves

* promoting balance between body, heart, mind, and spirit


  • Rooting into Sacred Time – When we allow ourselves to be dominated by the clock, we contract energetically and feel anxious, uncertain, and helpless. However when we expand into the richness of the Now, we are encouraged to be true to ourselves and to fully express our gifts. By shifting our time perspective, we can live from a deep appreciation of the days that we are granted in human form on Planet Earth.

  • Creating Sacred Space – A portion of our energetic being seeks to connect us to our surroundings, to our immediate environment. If this natural urge is stifled, we feel isolated, frustrated, and depressed. The antidote to this sense of uncomfortable separation is to access sacred space, which promotes healthy relationships with our self, other people, other creatures, and other spirits.

  • Establishing Sacred Connection – Human beings are physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically designed to connect with others. Unhealthy connections produce suffering, whereas healthy ones promote happiness and fulfillment. Chose environments, friends, and spirit allies that will support you in becoming the fabulous creation that you are intended to be. 

  • Cultivating Sacred Passion – Most Westerners carry a backload of repressed emotions, as if dragging a heavy sledge behind them. By clearing out this unacknowledged and unexpressed baggage, we can live in wonder in the present moment. Once freed from old emotional residues and taints, an innate sense of wonder encourages us to fully feel our emotions as they arise, to express our feelings without guilt, and to live from our passions. 

  • Developing Sacred Power – As young children, we are so receptive that we absorb beliefs and behaviors without much filtering or conscious choosing. When our core beliefs come to include doubts around our self-worth, our connection to sacred power is greatly compromised. Luckily we can purify that divine channel and reclaim the full measure of vitality that is our human birthright.

  • Living as Sacred Dreaming – We live on multiple planes simultaneously. Many people energetically anchor themselves in consensual reality, which greatly limits their ability to think for themselves, to explore different ways of being, and to activate their visionary potential. Life is most magical and rewarding when we dream big and then manifest those dreams into physical reality.


August - November 2014 - I led a four-month online intensive workshop entitled Purifying Your Self-Relationship.


We are subjected to a multitude of expectations even before we are born. During our upbringing, we incorporate elements of societal programming, so it’s very difficult to discern which parts of our personality are really us and which parts are a cultural overlay. The most troubling and consistent block to our growth and development is an inner sense that something in us is flawed, that we are somehow not enough, that we are not worthy. Even individuals who usually hold healthy self-concepts can be periodically subjected to deep-seated self-doubts and regrets. These harsh self-judgments limit our ability to enjoy life and to realize our full potential.


Despite years of self-work in the Toltec and other spiritual traditions, I was plagued by recurring negative thoughts and low self-esteem. In the fall of 2012, I resolved to focus my full attention on dissolving this inner darkness. It required a tremendous effort that involved facing my Inner Critic, understanding his methods and motivations, and growing a healthy self-relationship. My life has blossomed since I successfully overcame my servitude to that inner punishing voice.

“Purifying Your Self-Relationship” is a four-month global Toci program that can heal your unintentional addiction to suffering. We will work within a safe container where everyone is protected and honored. This is intensive work that will require a deep commitment and a dedication to completing assignments on time. The rewards are great for this is the direct path to true and lasting personal freedom.


Each month as a program participant, you will receive

* a 90-minute interactive webcast, with ample Q&A time

* a telephone group discussion, focused on implementation of teachings and practices

* a pre-recorded energetic practice video to assist you with the month’s topic

* Special option! a 60-minute individual coaching session with Jai to more deeply explore your particular circumstances and needs for only $25 (about 40% of the usual price)


Course syllabus for “Purifying Your Self-Relationship”


1. Unmasking the Inner Critic – teaching webcast Tuesday 8/5; group discussion Tuesday 8/19

            - domestication and self-repression

            - impediments to responsibilities and aspirations

            - Critical manipulations

            - the destructive power of “shoulds”

2. Unraveling the Emotional Component – teaching webcast 9/2; group discussion 9/16

            - infantile dependency

            - poisonous inner dialogue

            - a useful emotional scale

            - the three hearts

3. Fear vs. Love – teaching webcast 10/7; group discussion 10/21

            - hidden elements of truth

            - discerning Inner Critic subtleties

            - dealing productively with heavy emotions   

            - pernicious false beliefs        

4. Beyond Self-Punishment – teaching webcast 11/4; group discussion 11/18

            - truth vs. lies 

            - reframing the dialogue

            - your inner council

            - healthy self-parenting


November 9-10, 2014 - I led a weekend Embracing Sacred Masculinity workshop in Austin, TX with Mark Kuhlmann.


In our culture, males are typically expected to be the do-ers, the ones who take charge and get things done. Men often embrace this role to the exclusion of being – being present and being their true selves. This weekend workshop uses discussion and energetic techniques to awaken and activate our sense of being male and being human.


We will join together as a small committed group to acknowledge and affirm our inner truths. This allows us to consciously commit to our chosen societal roles and our individual spiritual path. Our time together will revolve around practices that connect us to the elements, to others, and to ourselves. These practices will include fire-making with a drill, direct connection with the earth, a water blessing, an air cleansing, and a purifying sweat lodge which invokes and works with all of the elements.


2015 and possibly beyond - I decided to take a year off from teaching to re-center myself and to deepen my relationships. During this time, I  intend to explore Lakota spirituality, develop materials for an on-line class on Self-Love, and increase my Spanish fluency. I will still make myself available for individual work with clients duringthis sabattical. Send me an email if you want to discuss your situation. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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