Preparing for Energetic Practice


by jai cross


Energetic practice grants us the opportunity to go deeper into ourselves, to experience aspects of our beings that are not readily accessible in the hurly-burly of everyday life. These inner states allow us to be more available to our own spirit and other spirits that are willing to communicate with us. But this type of silent communication usually occurs with a minimum of words. It is based in a language of the heart, so an important part of preparing for energetic practice is to still the thinky-talky mind. This is not an attempt to gag our self-expression, rather an exploration into other realms of our humanity.


It may be necessary to reassure your mind at this stage. Sometimes our analytical left-brain wants to be in control at all times and will resist any imagined threats to its supremacy. It is useful to set aside any possible skepticism or suspicions so you can have a full experience. After the practice has been completed, you will find ample opportunities to examine and analyze what happened. Then you can consciously re-engage with your critical intellectual functions, using them to interpret and evaluate what happened for you.


It is often helpful to create sacred space where you can perform energy exercises. A simple altar on a bedside table, a place of offering by a favorite tree, or a cushion on the floor in front of a candle are a few examples of how easily sacred space can be created. It is important that you will not be disturbed during your practice time by a ringing phone, something appearing on the Internet, or the insistent needs of others, so try to ensure that you will not be interrupted.  Make a commitment beforehand to give yourself fifteen to thirty minutes to go deeply within and to connect with life-affirming energies. You deserve it and will feel better afterwards. These inner moments will allow you to be more present during your daily tasks and to participate in them more meaningfully.


Once you are settled into your practice space, you may choose to light a candle, burn some incense, repeat a familiar prayer, or do some other ritual that encourages you to take full advantage of your present circumstances to go deeper within your being. I am lucky to have a small prayer room that used to be a storage closet. I do my morning devotions there, usually seated on a chair facing a small altar that supports candles and other objects that help me to connect with the silent wisdom. This has been my main practice space for fifteen years, and simply sitting down in that chair activates an internal shift because I automatically associate that act with deeper levels of consciousness.

Once settled into your space, bring yourself to a place of calmness by releasing any distractive thoughts or emotions that might be passing through you. Make a deal with yourself that you will attend to anything that requires your attention later. For now, simply focus on the physical sensations of breathing. If thoughts or emotions arise, gently release them and return your attention to the breath. Take several full breaths that move the belly in and out, bringing in a fresh supply of energy on each inhale and expelling any staleness or stagnation on each exhale. Feel yourself relaxing more completely with each exhale, sinking progressively deeper as you settle within. Continue this conscious breathing until the mind and emotional body are still.


Now, you are ready to begin your chosen energetic practice. I have several possibilities posted on my website at in the “Free Articles” section. You can choose a specific theme to explore, such as heart-centered grounding for self-stabilization, cord cutting to release an old attachment, recapitulation for reclaiming tangled energies, or shielding to create healthy energetic boundaries. Each exercise can take you deeper within yourself, and each focuses on a different intention. Bon voyage!

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