The Wondrous Power of Intention

by jai cross

Driving back from Austin, I spotted two Rainbow Tribe hitchhikers at Fort Stockton with numerous tattoos, hefty nose rings, and floppy dreadlocks. Rabbit, his girlfriend Catch-up, and I rode together for hundreds of miles, plenty of time to share a smorgasbord of thoughts and experiences.

Rabbit described detailed scenarios of what he would do once he won the lottery. It occurred to me that many people harbor similar dreams that are prefaced with “After I win the big jackpot...” It is healthy to dream and to dream big, but this type of fanciful pretending can work against the dreamer by linking wish fulfillment to an improbable outer circumstance.

We make our own destiny whether we are aware of it or not. Although modern society typically focuses on life’s physical and mental aspects, we are energetic beings as well. We constantly interact energetically with ourselves, with others, and with our environment in subtle forms that are just beginning to be investigated and measured scientifically.

One of the most profound ways of influencing our world is harnessing the power of intention. This life force of manifestation is charged with a creative potency that literally shapes our circumstances. Quantum physics has repeatedly demonstrated that researchers’ intentions control the behavior of both matter and energy. This basic principle is also true in the context of our individual lives.

A person’s energetic intentional field is determined by their overall vibration, which is affected more by their emotive state than the content of their thoughts. Simply stated, mental constructions usually possess much less energy than our rawer and truer feelings.

Here is a practical technique to consciously direct the power of intention. Relax and feel into what aspect in your life you want to transform or to reaffirm. Allow yourself to be directed by spirit as you decide what wish you would make, what favor you would ask. To ensure that your request is apt, you can call on the counsel of spiritual guides, such as angels, saints, teachers, or power animals.

It is best to foster a sense of fluid expansiveness where all things are possible instead of choosing a request burdened with specific details. Setting an intention for increased abundance is more expansive than wishing to win the lottery, and therefore easier to bring to fulfillment.

Once the intention is clear, concentrate on the feeling that would arise with its fulfillment. Fill your body with that feeling and breathe it out several times through the will chakra located between the breastbone and the belly button. These actions are most effective when performed with comfortable ease rather than with a constricted effort.

An important step is to let go of any attachment to outcome. You are directing an intention to spirit, claiming to be ready to benefit from the granting of your request, but the truth is that you do not really know if that request is in your best interest or not.

So release the intention and periodically check to see if it has manifested. If so, then fully express your gratitude. If not, feel into why that intention may not have been ripe, and try again or make a different choice. The universe will support you, and it responds best to fluidity.

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