Heart-Centered Grounding

by jai cross


I regularly do a heart-centered grounding soon after I arise in the morning. It connects me with the divine trinity of Earth, Sun, and Heart so that I feel a strong sense of presence and belonging. It is a way to awaken your spirit and to empower you to be more your true self as you move through the circumstances of your day.


I mention several colors that I often visualize and sensations that I typically feel during specific steps of the exercise. You may visualize the colors mentioned or use different ones that feel more appropriate. If you use internal colors to focus your attention, see them as bright and vibrant instead of dark and stagnant. Simply breathing your intention into a color is often enough to cause it to brighten. Accompanying sensations should be pleasant. If you feel a persistent discomfort that will not easily dissipate, take a break and try the practice again later.

Move slowly and gently through this exercise, inviting places and potencies to open rather than trying to force your way in. Repeat each step until you feel a movement, sensation, or energetic shift, and then proceed to the next step. You will refer to the written instructions at first, but hopefully you will soon settle into their rhythm. As this occurs, the rational mind may give way to a wordless sense of being, which is an attribute of your spirit self, your true self.


1. Breathe in and out of the heart. Throughout this article, I use the word “heart” to refer to the heart chakra located in the center of the chest rather than the physical heart located in the left side of the chest. Feel comfortable in this place and feel the vitality that resides here. If any disturbing emotion or sensation arises, use the breath to move through it and to return to the innermost heart.


2. Inhale into the heart and exhale into the root chakra at the base of the spine. We open this place of connection to the Earth by infusing it with heart energy. If you sense tightness or resistance, keep bringing in more energy with the breath to encourage it to release and relax. I often feel that energy swirling clockwise around the root chakra, which is an agreeable sensation in itself.


3. Inhale into the heart and direct a long exhalation through the root chakra down into the ground, all the way to the center of the Earth. I imagine a pulse of white light that embodies my unique energetic signature rocketing downwards as a sign of my willingness and eagerness to connect with the life-sustaining potency of the Earth.


4. Once you have rooted into that connection, inhale Earth energy back up the channel you created, directing it all the way to the top of your head. On the exhale, swirl that energy in a clockwise spiral down through your entire body, allowing it to fill each cell with its life-affirming power.

I typically envision Earth energy as reddish and visualize a reddish wave slowly passing through my body. Open your senses to reveal how this healing and compassionate vibration feels from the inside. You may choose to linger here for a few moments, savoring the experience.


5. Redirect your attention to the heart, the balance point of the chakras. This time, inhale fully into the heart and exhale into the crown chakra located at the top of the head. Once again, you are gently inviting this area to open. Encourage any tension stored here to relax, to let go. My practice usually involves slowly spinning the heart energy around the crown clockwise, which allows it to permeate the whole area.


6. Inhale into the heart and direct a long exhalation through the crown chakra out into the sky, all the way to the Sun. I envision another pulse of my inner white light soaring upwards and connecting me with the source of all life on our planet.


7. Once that connection has been established, inhale pure solar energy back down the pathway you created. On the inhale, allow it to cascade downwards until it rests about eighteen inches above the top of your head. On the exhale, swirl that energy of focused presence in a clockwise spiral down through your energetic body, the space that surrounds and penetrates your physical form. To me, solar energy usually appears as a bright golden light, and I see it enveloping my body in a brilliant mist. Sensations are often more subtle here, but opening your senses to feel outside of your physicality is a wonderful way to experience another dimension of your being.


8. Now that you are strongly connected to the Earth and the Sun, you will bring those energies into your heart. Inhale from both directions simultaneously, drawing breath through the upper and lower channels that you have already activated. On the exhale, propel the combined flow from Earth, Sun, and heart outwards to fill the entire physical body. Feel yourself fully inhabiting your body as you consciously feed love and light to your cells.


9. Continue to breathe into the heart as you radiate your inner light to include and fill your energetic body. Once your field is saturated with this luminescence, rest into the silent splendor that is your birthright. There is no need for words, simply feel and enjoy.


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