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Human Spirit Radio Network is a fabulous organization that provides useful information and energetic techniques to promote well-being for free. I am very happy to be associated with this talented group of healers and blessing bringers. ​ To access the archives and listen to any of the shows listed below, visit


June 15, 2012 (episode 57) – initial interview with HSR founder Sarah McCroskey.


Cultivating the Inner Garden series, July – December 2012. My intention in this series is to present a series of energetic practices and supporting information that can help people transform their lives. Most shows were fashioned around a particular practice, which provides a specific pathway to move us from suffering to joy. We humans are complicated creatures and contain many parts, many of them in conflict. Yet by going within, we can reclaim a sense of integrity, of wholeness, of balance. The trick is to remain in these places of exaltedness instead of experiencing them as only temporary “highs.”


​1. July 13, 2012 (episode 65): Conscious Belief. This class discusses our innate goodness and how we are sometimes led astray by faulty programming. When we remove the filter of our belief system, we see that most impediments to our growth are largely self-generated. We agreed to take on these limiting beliefs, and we can choose more wisely by becoming aware of our tendencies and our aspirations.

2. August 10, 2012 (episode 71): Moving beyond Self-Punishment. Self-judgments tend to be the most restrictive of limitations, pernicious weeds in the Inner Garden. We tend to create our own suffering by placing restrictions on our happiness. Regain control of your internal guidance system by making conscious choices that support your inherent goodness, your growth, and your joy. ​

3. September 14, 2012 (episode 79): The Power of Intention. A certain type of creative energy shapes our reality, and it is called human intention. Due to the immense power of this pervasive force, we co-create our lives and even the worlds we inhabit. When we consciously direct the power of intention, we can manifest abundance and our own personal dream of heaven on earth.

​4. October 12, 2012 (episode 85): Purposeful Personal Power. By connecting with the energy of Earth and Sky, we can greatly augment the potency of our passions and visions. In this episode, we discuss the human need to generate an ample supply of healthy purified energy to make new choices, to fuel conscious intentions, and to fully experience our aliveness. ​

5. November 9, 2012 (episode 89): Embracing Responsibility.This month we discuss the ennobling benefits of being accountable for all our choices and all of their consequences. I explain a six-step method for making healthy choices or course corrections that encourage people to live to their fullest.

​6. December 14, 2012 (episode 93): Connecting with Spirit.How we see ourselves in the world in terms of the roles, functions, stories, and energy that we carry greatly influences our ability to connect with the Spirit world. During the broadcast, you will experience how shielding can be employed to radiate Light and your true essence outwards, which acts as a powerful stimulus for co-creation of your innermost desires and intents.


Conscious Embodiment series, January – June 2013. People often approach spiritual “work” with grave seriousness, as if they were facing an unpleasant task. "Conscious Embodiment" explores our true nature from a very different and much lighter perspective. In this monthly Human Spirit Radio offering, we invoke a sense of playful curiosity while we experience ways of being that honor our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. “Conscious Embodiment” cultivates healthy relationships with each of these interactive and interdependent components of our humanity. Relevant practices will illuminate our current situation, restore balance, propel us towards desired goals, and strengthen our connection to indwelling spirit. And it is quite possible to feel joyful wonder during each step of this six-month journey back to wholeness.​


1. January 11, 2013 (episode 97): The Mind as an Ally. We will use myth to illuminate our true situations and as a gateway to feeling into our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. This episode focuses primarily on the mind and elucidates some common Western misconceptions, including mental domination, time sickness, and self-importance. ​

2. February 8, 2013 (episode 101): Truth vs. Lies. The human mind can be so seductive, so deceptive, so manipulative, and so confusing! Though an undisciplined mind may manifest as a heartless dictator, our mentality can be trained to assist us in consciously creating our own dream of Heaven on Earth. ​

3. March 8, 2013 (episode 105): Emotions in Motion. So often, we are told to trust our emotions, but should we really trust our feelings of discomfort, distress, and dissatisfaction? We will discuss practical methods to move past such waves of heaviness in ways that honor our self and our emotional being. ​

4. April 12, 2013 (episode 109): Honoring Our Physicality. The human body is a masterpiece of Creation with built-in capacities to grow from a single cell to an adult organism of over 75 trillion cells, to heal itself from illness and wounds, and to prosper under a huge variety of environmental conditions. This episode of “Conscious Embodiment” discusses practical ways to improve your relationship with your body. ​

5. May 10, 2013 (episode 113): Embracing our Energetic Bodies. Many people have lost touch with their energetic being, the very portion of their human inheritance that can serve as a gateway to spirit realms. Join us for an hour of re-awakening and re-vitalizing the energetic body, using practical ways that only require a willingness to believe that such things are possible. ​

6. June 14, 2013 (episode 117): Incarnate Integration. In this episode, we discuss the interaction and interdependence of our four levels of incarnation: mental, emotional, physical, and energetic. Humans operate on many levels simultaneously, and our goal is to honor and work productively with all of our aspects. ​​


Exploring the Chakras series, July – December 2013. Our physical anatomy is so obvious that we automatically respond to its cues – we eat when the stomach contorts uncomfortably, we head for shelter when our body over-heats, we slow our activities when the breath becomes shallow and rapid. Our energetic anatomy also constantly sends us signals, yet these are often misunderstood and ignored. Therefore we may not relate our sudden fears of abandonment to a contraction in the root chakra or our seeming inability to empathize to clogged-up gunk in our heart chakra.​ Our seven chakras form an interconnected series of internal energy centers, each with its own specific area of influence. We will learn about each chakra’s characteristics and how to meaningfully interact with them. We will do an array of practices to clean, balance, and energize these vital components of our energetic anatomy in order to enhance our well-being.​


1. Rooting into the Chakras 7/12/13 (episode 122) – After a brief overview of the chakras, we turn our attention to the root chakra, the seat of our physicality. The root chakra governs our survival instinct and our primal connection to life. ​

2. The Sensual Sacral Chakra 8/9/13 (episode 127) – Perhaps the most misunderstood chakra, the sacral rules not only sexuality, but also sensuality, desires, emotions, passions, and relationship to other. A healthy sacral chakra allows us to joyfully participate in life, experiencing the gifts of embodiment as we weave our way through our circumstances.​

3. The Powerful Will Chakra 9/9/13 (episode 132) – The will chakra percolates with purpose and power. Its natural manifestation ability is restricted by self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-importance. The will guides our ability to make good choices and to set supportive intentions so we become fulfilled co-creators of our lives.

4. Embracing the Heart Chakra 10/11/13 (episode 137) – Positioned as the mid-point of our chakra system, the heart balances upper and lower, body and Spirit, Earth and Heaven. Being in right relationship with the heart generates feelings of wholeness, harmony, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love.​

5. Expressing through the Throat Chakra 11/8/13 (episode 143) – The throat chakra affects self-expression and how much of ourselves we allow others to see. A healthy throat chakra encourages us to speak our deeper truths and to share our inner Light. ​

6. The Insight and Inspiration of the Upper Chakras 12/13/13 (episode 149) – Both upper chakras influence dreaming and visioning. The brow chakra is home to our imagination, intuition, and insight while the crown chakra mediates our connection to inspiration, divine guidance, and cosmic consciousness. Energized brow and crown chakras propel us towards revelation and meaningful connection with Spirit.


The Seven Sacred Directions (to access these presentations, simply click on the button on my home page)


The seven sacred directions provide a means for Spirit to impregnate the material world, and we can use each of them as gateways to the unseen realms. The four cardinal directions are each associated with a particular element – East with Air, South with Fire, West with Water, and North with Earth. Since our bodies are composed of these same elements, we have the ability to physically and energetically merge with their unique attributes and powers. This series employs discussion, energetic practices, and ceremony to strengthen our connection to the cardinal directions, to the four elements, to Earth and Sky, and to the divine spark that dwells within each of us. We undertake this exploration with gratitude and respect for all that is, even the uncomfortable and sometimes confusing portions of our existence.

1. Honoring East and Air

East is the direction of the rising sun, the place of awakening, the promise of spring, the potential of the child. This is where we take our first steps into new beginnings, where we chart our course. Air defines our lives, from our first inhalation as a newborn to our final exhalation. Each breath of life supplies us with the raw materials of oxygen, energy, and Light. Air is associated with our mental body, and its higher expressions include mental clarity, inspiration, and insight. By allying with East and Air, we cleanse our minds and expand our beings.

2. Honoring South and Fire

South is the place of growth, of high noon, and of summertime. Here we bring potential into manifestation by being ourselves and expressing our authenticity, to sing our own heart song. Fire is an agent of change and purification that provide us with warmth, illumination, and activation. Fire is associated with our energetic body, and its gifts include the ability to choose and to release those things that no longer serve. By allying with South and Fire, we recharge our energy field and come fully present into the fullness of the Now.

3. Honoring West and Water

West governs maturation, the evening of the day and of our lives, the autumn, the time of harvest. Here we move from outward exuberance towards inner wisdom. Water represents flow, fluidity, and flexibility in the world and in our beings. It encourages us to accept and make the most of the blessings of Spirit, whatever they might be. Representing the emotional body, Water invites us to feel fully and to deepen our relationships. By allying with West and Water, we learn to move past inhibitions and to live from a place of true freedom.

4. Honoring North and Earth

North is the direction of stability and steadfastness, the night, the winter, elderhood and the approach of death which always leads to rebirth. These aspects invoke dreaming, a call to surrender self-preoccupation so that a more inclusive vision can emerge. Earth is the element that composes all physical manifestations, and its creative beauty encourages stillness and reverent contemplation. Earth is associated with the physical body, yet all physical expressions must one day be dissolved to make way for new forms of being. By allying with North and Earth, we experience the cycles of life and renewal.

5. Honoring Mother Earth

This is the realm of Planetary Earth, the compassionate Gaia whose love for her offspring is unconditional and boundless. We connect with Mother Earth whenever we open our hearts to what is instead of believing in mental constructions, which are simply reflections and commentaries on reality. We welcome her presence when we experience the majesty of an alpine meadow, the immensity of an ocean, the magic of a coyote’s song, or the wonder of our own beating heart. By allying with Mother Earth and our ancestors, we come home, feeling the rightness and relishing the fullness of our lives.

6. Honoring Father Sky and Source

Throughout the world, indigenous cultures venerate Sky as the place of helping spirits, guides, angels, and deities. When we open to Father Sky’s influence, we invite guidance and expansiveness into our lives. We can become active co-creators of our circumstances by setting conscious intents that harmoniously blend with life’s fundamental principles to manifest the greater good. The seventh direction is inward and lies at the core of all physical and non-physical reality. When recognized and acknowledged, this place of Source naturally fills us with love, Light, and laughter.


Exploring Sacred Topics (These programs are available by clicking on the button on my home page.)

  • Rooting into Sacred Time – When we allow ourselves to be dominated by the clock, we contract energetically and feel anxious, uncertain, and helpless. However when we expand into the richness of the Now, we are encouraged to be true to ourselves and to fully express our gifts. By shifting our time perspective, we can live from a deep appreciation of the days that we are granted in human form on Planet Earth.

  • Creating Sacred Space – A portion of our energetic being seeks to connect us to our surroundings, to our immediate environment. If this natural urge is stifled, we feel isolated, frustrated, and depressed. The antidote to this sense of uncomfortable separation is to access sacred space, which promotes healthy relationships with our self, other people, other creatures, and other spirits.
  • Establishing Sacred Connection – Human beings are physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically designed to connect with others. Unhealthy connections produce suffering, whereas healthy ones promote happiness and fulfillment. Chose environments, friends, and spirit allies that will support you in becoming the fabulous creation that you are intended to be.
  • Cultivating Sacred Passion – Most Westerners carry a backload of repressed emotions, as if dragging a heavy sledge behind them. By clearing out this unacknowledged and unexpressed baggage, we can live in wonder in the present moment. Once freed from old emotional residues and taints, an innate sense of wonder encourages us to fully feel our emotions as they arise, to express our feelings without guilt, and to live from our passions.
  • Developing Sacred Power – As young children, we are so receptive that we absorb beliefs and behaviors without much filtering or conscious choosing. When our core beliefs come to include doubts around our self-worth, our connection to sacred power is greatly compromised. Luckily we can purify that divine channel and reclaim the full measure of vitality that is our human birthright.
  • Living as Sacred Dreaming – We live on multiple planes simultaneously. Many people energetically anchor themselves in consensual reality, which greatly limits their ability to think for themselves, to explore different ways of being, and to activate their visionary potential. Life is most magical and rewarding when we dream big and then manifest those dreams into physical reality.



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