Cord Cutting Promotes Healthy Emotional Release

by jai cross


One of humanity’s most precious aspects is our formation of emotional connections that link us to our fellow beings, whether human, animal, plant, or other. Open-hearted endearment encourages us to express fully from our core, enhances our sense of vibrant aliveness, and enriches us on all levels of existence. These healthy connections can foster the feeling that we are living in Heaven.


Many people feel threatened and entrapped by their emotional attachments, and the key word is “attachments,” which implies inflexible binding. From an energetic perspective, many relationships are unbalanced, and this lack of reciprocity often produces dysfunctional dynamics, including domination, dependence, love/hate swings, fatigue, emotional and sexual addictions, humiliation, compulsive thoughts, anxiety, and abuse. These unhealthy connections can foster the feeling that we are living in Hell.

Among the closest, most cherished, and most celebrated human emotional bonds is the attachment that forms between a mother and her infant. Similar to an umbilical cord, emotional cords bind the mother and her child together, and this is entirely natural and praise-worthy.

With the passage of time, conditions change drastically as the child develops and begins to assert itself. After years of tending to her offspring’s needs, a mother may come to expect certain things in return, such as obedience, deference, and particular demonstrations of the offspring’s love. Thus maternal love can become entangled with projections and demands that often collide with a teen-ager’s desire for independence and freedom of self-expression. If those emotional cords that grew when the child was a helpless infant have not been replaced by more appropriate connections, conflicts often ensue.

“Cording” refers to the establishment of emotional linkages that unnaturally bind one person to another, often unconsciously. The strongest cords typically occur in the intimate pairings between sexual partners, married couples, and family members. Cord cutting is the technique of severing those restrictive bonds, and it can be beneficial when ending or restructuring a relationship.

As in all ritual, stilling the chattering mind can focus the full attention on the task at hand. Create sacred space by turning off the cell phone, lighting a candle, assembling some revered objects on a ready-made altar, invoking a favorite saint or other holy figure to guide you, grounding, rattling, smudging, or whatever else is required to deepen your experience. Breathe into the belly and relax into the rhythmic undulations of inhale and exhale as your awareness settles into a deeper state of consciousness.

Imagine the person that you are corded with, holding them in gratitude for the good things you have shared together. Concentrate on your essence, perhaps visualizing it as a bright inner light, feeling it swell to fill your physical being. Move a feather or a crystal wand or a knife around your body, intentionally cutting those invisible etheric cords that have tethered you and restricted your energetic flow.


As you reclaim your energy, allow your heart to open and to be healed. You may include a prayer for the other person because cutting cords does not signify that you no longer care for them. You are simply reaffirming your right to manage your own energy and your choice to cultivate meaningful conscious relationships.

Of course, if you repeat the same behaviors that generated cording in the first place, those cords will likely reappear.

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